Friday, November 19, 2010

Professional Makeup Application

I wanted to write a blog about professional makeup application

Professional makeup application is a service that many woman do not consider. These are the some of the reasons why:

1)Most woman have a daily "routine" doing their own makeup, that she feels ,will get her by. 2)Having a friend/family friend that is decent at her own makeup and tries to attempt doing yours. 3) Other woman are nervous to have a professional attempt their makeup because they have had a bad experience in the past 4)Or simply because they feel the artist will put way to much makeup on them, and they won't look like themselves.


A professional MUA understands all of the elements that are involved with a application. From the effects of lighting and exposure of the camera, to the textures, tones and finishes of the makeup. A consultation is done before the actual makeup application, so you receive a customize look that accentuates all of your best features using your skin tone, face shape, and eye shape/color. When getting any professional photography: Wedding photography, photo-shoots etc, I highly recommend using a professional makeup artist.

Professional Product:

Using Professional product and brushes are so important in a makeup application. 95% of everyday street makeup like Cover girl, Maybelline, Revlon etc is made for daily wear, it's not made for photography. The purpose for Professional makeup is to enhance your best features and minimize your flaws while staying on all day.
When using eye shadows, foundations and blushes, multiple questions should be asked. Where do I put a frost or a matte eye shadow? Where do I highlight and contour using foundation/blush/bronzer? I professional knows the theoretic reasoning behind these questions leaving your application beautiful and blended, highlighted and contoured properly.
HD Makeup is the new "revolutionary product". The coverage is complete and flawless. It is made for the camera. There is a lot of theory to the whole HD concept, but simply, it leaves a crisp and clear finish to the skin.
Brushes are very important to a application. Makeup brushes vary according to the purpose, design, material, quality and style. They apply the product on smoothly and flawlessly while using minimal product. There are hundreds of brushes with multiple purposes,a MUA will know the reasoning and use for each of them. In addition, maintenance and cleaning are used after each client.

If you have any more questions about professional makeup please feel free to ask me:)

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