Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eye Primers and Base

Hello Friends!!!

So, this week I want to talk about my favorite Eye Primers and Bases. There are several different kinds I use depending on the look I'm going for and of course the price budget I want to stay within. I typically use 2 on the eye before I place down my shadows.
MAC has 3 bases I like. 1)If you experience very oily eye lids I suggest MAC Paint. There are several colors to choose from. A little goes a very long way:) It's crease and water proof giving your shadows 12 hour wear. 2) I love love love MAC Paint Pots. They are similar to Paints but have a little bit more give to them. For more of a matte look I use Painterly and when I use shimmer and frosts shadows I prefer Bare Study. I use these colors on any skin type, texture and tones. These provide 8 hour wear. 3) Shade sticks are a great base also. These are great for beginner artist. They provide a great color to them. For "5 minute makeup" this is a great base/eye shadow to apply. Put down the base on your eye lid, add eye liner and mascara and you're good to go:) These all range around $15
Urban Decay provides a great Primer. It's called Primer Potion. It has a lip gloss type applicator with it. A little goes a long way with this one too. The price point on this primer is around $20. However this one is harder to find. I get mine at Ulta but I've had problems with it being out of stock.
Finally, A very cheap and fairly decent base is from NYX. I use the color "Milk" on all skin types, textutes and tones. It's a great primer for brighter more frostier eye shadow colors. It has a lot of give to it,shadows adhere very well. The price point is about $3 and it's available at Ulta. I don't however, recommend this to people that have oily eye lids.

I hope this information helps you out and answers all your questions about bases/primers. Bases/primers are so important to your makeup routine. If you ever want to wear eyeshadow, always put down a base/primer of your choice or one of my recommendations:) This allows your eyeshadow to stay pure and true throughout the day. Making sure your shadow doesn't crease or fade. I always say this is your "insurance" to your eyeshadow:)

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  1. Thank you for the great information. It will really help me with my daily makeup routine.

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