Sunday, November 22, 2009

Favorite Eye Lashes

Hello friends!!!

I wanted to just share with you my favorite type eye lashes. I get questions all the time about: the lashes I like the best, and lashes I use on my clients. Depending on the occasion and how dramatic you want your makeup, will decide the lash. Overall I use Red Cherry #43 lashes. They are great for "your favorite classic look" to "a dramatic smokey eye" Red Cherry's are very inexpensive and very good in quality. I can where these several times without them falling apart. Their 100% Human Hair. For everyday wear I suggest the Red Cherry individual lashes in short. If you have any question please ask. I'm looking forward to your remarks:)
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  1. Damn girl!!!! Lindsay you are crazy talented. Your work is breath taking...remember me when you are famous...hehe :)

  2. Lindsay I am soo proud of you!!You are the BEST make up artist I have ever met! Love you babe;)

  3. Lindsay you are an amazing and beautiful person and your work is an extension of that! Love you woman!